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Product Details:
Product Length: 15.5 inches
Product Width: 9.5 inches
Product Height: 10.5 inches
Product Weight: 2.0 pounds
Package Length: 13.9 inches
Package Width: 11.2 inches
Package Height: 10.2 inches
Package Weight: 2.05 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 233 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 233 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

103 of 109 found the following review helpful:

1A Good Idea So Poorly Executed . . .Dec 03, 2011
By Brian Smith "Fellow Traveler"
I really wanted to like this product. After suffering through continuous leaking with the Reliance 7-Gallon containers, I was thrilled to find a product that didn't leak when set on its side for dispensing. The first disappointment was the terrible plastic taste it imparts to the water. No problem, I thought, I'll just use it for camp cleanup duties, refilling it with tap water from the bigger Reliance containers to wash dishes, brush teeth, etc.(we now use a Rubbermaid dispenser for drinking water). Until the second trip, when the vent cap broke from its keeper strap. Now I had to keep track of that every time we used it. Well, we just returned from a 3-week camping trip in Baja California and on the second morning of the trip, the spigot handle just broke off in my wife's hand as she was turning it on. The container is now completely useless 5 months after we purchased it and on only its third use.

It really is discouraging to see these manufacturers come up with useful ideas and designs only to outsource the manufacturing to the lowest bidder, who apparently could not give a whit about its usefulness in the real world. Somewhere, it seems, some brilliant bean-counter has decided that the "average" consumer will not pay the added 12.687 cents that would be required to make it profitable to manufacture this product to a standard that actually makes it useful.

But wait! I just looked at the title of the product! It's called the "Coleman Water Carrier". I guess it succeeds at that . . .

64 of 72 found the following review helpful:

1Don't buy if you will use it much!Aug 09, 2009
By J. Walker
I have owned 3 of these in the last two years. I use them to take water to my cabin during the summer. I have not had the spigot on any of them last more than 8 weekend trips. Every time the handle on the spigot breaks. No problem with the jug though. Never had any problems with leaking either.

56 of 63 found the following review helpful:

5Great water jug for camping, traveling, emergencies - I own 2!Feb 02, 2008
By Amazon Customer
My father purchased two of these Coleman 5-gallon water jugs for my wife and I as emergency water storage when we moved into a common hurricane area. We have used the Coleman water jugs for 8 years and have never had a problem with them. They can be laid on their sides on picnic tables, then open the vent on top and they serve as a great kid-friendly water service. The nozzles are easy to turn and easy to clean. During the hard Pennsylvania winters, I keep both of them full in case of emergencies. Every year before we start camping and fishing I wash them out with a table spoon of bleach and fill them with hot water. I would recommend these to my friends and I plan on buying a few more for safe keeping! Thanks, Coleman, for making another good piece of camping gear.

31 of 34 found the following review helpful:

2Holds 5 gallons and that's itAug 16, 2009
By Dave and Karen
We bought two of these water containers for camping. If you need something to hold 5 gallons of water, this will do the job. If the use of a spigot is important, I would not recommend this product. The first problem is leaking. The spigot valve itself actually shuts off fine. The problem is you cannot properly seal the connection between the cap and the canister. The seam on at the mouth of the cannister leaves a ridge that the rubber seal cannot overcome no matter how tight the cap is twisted on the threads. The second problem is the handle on one of the spigots broke off on our first camping trip.

32 of 36 found the following review helpful:

1Warning about spigot breakage.Oct 19, 2011
By jkc-64
I purchased one of these "Made in China" by Coleman - excellent quality water carrier. BUT....the spigot is a piece of junk, lasted ONE TRIP....the knob broke off. I can still use a pair of plyers for turning it, but never know if it is 'on or off' since it broke.

Would recommend the carrier, but the spigot??? not so much.

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